Cherry Harvest Trail

Make your way through regional Victoria’s cherry orchards and spend the day picking and eating nature’s juicy red rubies

It’s cherry season here in Victoria and the state’s cherries are ripe for the picking from early November to mid-January with its peak season occurring in December.


We all know that tying a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue is the ultimate party trick, and that skill takes a lot of practice. So what better way to practice than by eating your way through Victoria’s cherry orchards?

Support and explore nine regional orchards which span from the Yarra Valley and Ranges, Upper Goulburn Valley and Macedon Ranges to the Mornington Peninsula. Some will offer you the chance to go cherry picking while you can also purchase freshly picked fruit at all of them.

There are over 80 varieties of cherries in Australia alone, and you’ll get to try the common types with names that could be mistaken for members of a girl band like Stella, Regina and Sweet Georgia, to name a few. These cherries are heart shaped with dark ruby-red skin. They’re sweet and rich in flavour and will make the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas celebration.

Make sure to check the websites of or contact the orchard prior to your visit. It’s always best to ensure they have availability and will be open as they are weather dependent. 

Click the button for your Victorian Cherry Trail Guide. Happy picking.

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