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Forefront Real Estate is locally owned and operated by Michael Paredes, who after 15 years within the industry founded the agency to provide an exceptional but very personable service for all his clients, something that the industry just doesn’t seem to offer.

Growing up in a large family, the sense and values of what a home truly means was instilled in Michael at a very young age, something he extends to not just his own young family, but also to his business, as he works with all clients to ensure they find the perfect home to start their dreams.

Over the past 15 years Michael has experienced the changes Melbourne has gone through,

this combined with his exceptional industry knowledge, experience and passion for the local area makes him an invaluable partner when it comes to real estate.

Michael’s exceptional multi-tasking skills teamed with his dedication to all his clients has seen him often described as friendly, efficient, approachable and transparent.


“So whether you’re looking to rent, sell, buy or re-locate in Melbourne, draw on my expertise, passion and commitment to enable you to live your dream.”

Michael Paredes


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PO Box 271,
Essendon North, VIC, 3041

Phone: Michael - 0410 465 020

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